ANDERSON STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING provides design calculations and drawings for construction projects in the Southwest Area.  Materials include concrete, structural wood, masonry, metal studs and structural steel.    Design is based on conformance with the international Building Code, Local Codes, standard construction practices, seismic loads and wind loads.  Building survey and construction observation can also be provided. 
We provide structural engineering  services only and do not provide the following, soil and slope issues, drainage problems,  cost estimates, civil and land planning issues, energy calculations, architectural services,  general home inspections.
New Building Construction
New building calculations and drawings can be provided as part of a team with a licensed architect.  Support services will be provided through the permit and the completion of construction.  Anderson Structural Engineering does not provide direct architectural , soils or contractors services but can make recommendations of  locally qualified companies.
Building Renovation/ Remodel/ Retrofit/ Interiors
On specific issues Anderson Structural Engineering can work with an architect or direct with a contractor or owner.  Services would include site inspection, drawings and calculations.
Building Inspections/ Observation
Anderson Structural Engineering can provide site services for a specific structural issue, can provide structural observation for local construction projects, can provide Compliance Statements for potential government requirements.  We do not provide general home inspections, but can be retained for a specific issue.  We do not provide soil settlement or slope stability studies, for those services contact a soils engineer.
Second Party Drawing Review and Approval
Anderson Structural Engineering must provide independent calculations and drawings for all work and is not legally permitted to stamp drawings produced by unlicensed providers.
Structural Engineer Services
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